Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sade - Soldier of Love (Captain Crook Re-Edit)


Its been quite a while since my last post.. I guess its just that I haven't happened across anything worthy of blogging about. Well I'm back, and for good reason. One of my favorite artists of all time has a new album coming out in February, and one of my good buddies has already done a dance re-edit of the leaked title track. I'm speaking of none other than Sade. Needless to say her forthcoming album is highly anticipated.. and its with great pleasure that I present this Captain Crook re-edit for the world to hear. Enjoy!


Sade vs. Captain Crook - Soldier of Love

You can pre-order Sade's new album on her official website

Since I'm in such a good mood now, here's a special bonus tune: a Captain Crook re-edit of "Nothing Can Come Between Us" from her 1988 album "Stronger Than Pride"

Sade - Nothing Can Come Between Us (Captain Crook's In The Way Edit)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Phoenix "1901" (Hanssen Remix)


Its time for some new free dudie kids! This one comes courtesy of Jacob London member Bob Hansen...under his HANSSEN guise. Bob has taken the liberty of reworking indie rockers Phoenix and their hit "1901." We're digging the results... and we think you will too!


Download: Phoenix - 1901 (Hanssen Remix)

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mike Monday Balloon

And so let it be known that a blog called Dudie Free has been born on this day in April, 2009. Let it be known that the Dudie Free goal is to reward our visitors with nothing but the best dudie free free downloads of anything which we enjoy and so see fit to share with this world wide internets.

For our first number, we would like to enlighten your day with a little bootie as provided by Dudie Free friend Mike Monday. Mike being the lover of all things good himself has decided to take a crack at clubbing up one of my absolute tunes right now - Animal Collective's 'My Girls.'

Mike's trademark deep groove leads the way - and slowly we hear the arpeggio loops from Animal Collectives beautiful tune waft in from heaven as if to sweep dancefloor off its collective feet. The result is nothing short of EPIC!! Listen and download below.

Also be sure to check out Mike Monday's most recent album out now: 'Songs Without Words Pt. 1'.


Animal Collective - My Girls (Mike Monday Unofficial Remix)